3d Animation - the Magical Art

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Everyone have seen cartoons and knows what animation is. For those that don't here is the simple description, traditionally animation is creating the illusion of life with different consecutive drawings. But not many know yet how 3d animation is different from traditional or 2d animation. Let's start from the name itself, 3d is the acronym for Three Dimensional.
So 3d animations happens in three dimensions in comparison to traditional animation. But how can it be, will you ask, both type of animations are shown on a flat two dimensional screen. So how can one be 2 dimensional and on 3 dimensional?

The answer is very simple when the traditional animation is made , the artist or animator is drawing on a simple piece of paper that simply does not have the third dimension, while a 3d animator is animating his 3d models in a virtual three dimensional world. Yes the 3d artist works with virtual 3 dimensional sculptures or puppets called 3d models. When talking about character 3d animation the work of a 3d artist is not very different from the work of a puppeteer.
The only difference is that the 3d artist has more control other his virtual 3d puppets, and his work is instantly recorded.
He can also come back any time and correct his animation if he sees that it does not translate the right emotion or feeling.

It may seem a very easy and fun profession but in reality 3d animation is a very complex skill that requires years of practice, fundamental knowledge, patience and talent. Besides 3d animators there are other professionals involved in creating the final  3d animation. These are:

3d modelers - the people that create the virtual 3d objects that will later be animated.
Texture artists - the guys that paint all the 3d models that were sculpted by 3d modelers.
3d Model Riggers or Technical Directors - these are the people that prepare the 3d models for animation, shortly they create virtual bones and mechanisms that will allow the animator to control the 3d puppet or object this process is called rigging among 3d artists. Technical Directors have a wider responsibility that often includes the rigging of 3d models.

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