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3d modeling in computer graphics is the process of creation three dimensional objects in various 3d modeling software packages.

There are several approaches to 3d modeling, which are:

Polygonal modeling
NURBS modeling
Subdivision modeling
Spline modeling

And each approach has different techniques of achieving the same result.
Each method of creating 3d models is good in it's own way. NURBS and Spline 3d modeling is great for precise and engineering models. While polygons and subdivision is good for organic 3d models. Low polygonal 3d models for real time games are evidently modelled with polygons.

So what are the steps a 3d artist should make to achieve good results when creating a 3d model.
First the artist should research his object. For example if you are modelling an animal you should find as many photos of that animal and as many anatomical references as you can. You should study them thoroughly so that you understand well all the forms and details of the object you model. It is great if you can find a photo that will show the front and side view of the object you model, you can load these images directly in your software and use it as references. Many artists are too lazy and they use only these 2 images when 3d modelling but usually this is not enough to create a complex 3d model. It is very useful to study the object you want to make from different angles and in different positions. For life objects like mammal animals including the humans it is a great idea to study the anatomy, the skeleton and the muscle system. This will help you to create a beautiful character that will be more suitable for animation than if you don't study all this. This research may take a lot of time but it is definitely worth it.

The next important thing you should do when 3d modelling is work from simple forms to more complex ones. If you start modeling only a part of your object with high details you may find it very difficult to change anything if it will be necessary. And usually it is necessary.

Another thing to remember is save you work often. Do not be greedy save in different files, save different versions of your project on different levels of completion. It will not hurt you but it can save you so much time and effort...

When studying 3d modeling it is a good idea to post your work on different forums for 3d artists and ask for feedback,  more experienced modelers will usually provide precious advices and ideas. Sometimes you will receive harsh critiques but if you will be patient enough to accept it and act upon it , you will be greatly motivated to improve your 3d model and 3d modeling skills.

When modeling characters for 3d animation purposes one should remember to organise the 3d model topology so that it is properly deformed when animated. This is a skill that you will gain only with experience. The main idea is that the polygons or edges should follow the contours and the form of muscles. Also there should be enough polygons for deformation to happen, usually the 3d mesh density should be higher in places like character elbows and knees.

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